Friday, March 16, 2018

Chapters 23, 24, and 25

Chapter 23
  1. What crippling disease affected Franklin Delano Roosevelt?
  2. What are the symptoms of that disease?
  3. How did William Phillips describe FDR?
Chapter 24
  1. What were the ideas contained in FDR’s “New Deal”?
  2. How many states did Roosevelt win in the election of 1932?
Chapter 25
  1. What is a Pragmatist?
  2. What did former President Calvin Coolidge have to say about the Depression?
  3. What was “the Brain Trust”, and why did FDR call them together?
  4. List at least three things that the New Deal did.
  5. What was the Social Security Act?
  6. What was the “Aristocracy of Talent”?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Chapter 16/17

1. What does it mean to buy stock on margin?
2. What does a stock broker do?
3. Why were banks in trouble due to the crash?
4. Who is hurt most during an economic depression?
5. How was the Great Depression different from others?
6. What did the census of 1920 show?
7. What advantage did farmers have during the depression when compared to people in the cities?
8. What caused the Dust Bowl?
9. What states were directly affected by the Dust Bowl?
10. How had farmers been irresponsible?
11. What was a “Hooverville” and how did they get their name?
12. How many people were living in Hoovervilles by 1933?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Chapter 8

1. What caused President Calvin Coolidge’s son’s death?
2. Why is Coolidge remembered for “not doing much”?
3. What were three names the 1920’s was referred to as?
4. Who invented the television in 1927?
5. What were “flappers”?
6. What is ‘materialism”?
7. (Do not write this question) Write a 150 word summary of the Scopes Monkey Trial including what it was about, why people disagreed, and what the outcome was.
8. What does the Constitution say about religion?
9. What was Walt Disney’s first animated film?
10.What was Coolidge’s campaign slogan?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 1. What is Prohibition? 2. What was the animal symbol of the Prohibition Party? 3. Name two religious groups that supported the Prohibition movement. 4. During the Progressive Era, what did people believe about laws? 5. What Amendment instituted Prohibition? 6. How many states approved the Amendment? 7. In a federal form of government, who shares power? 8. What are “bootleggers”? 9. What are “speakeasies”? 10. What effect did Prohibition have on crime? 11. How successful was Prohibition at stopping people from drinking? 12. What Amendment to the Constitution ended Prohibition?